The following books are highly recommended by University City Garden Members.

The Jewel Box Garden by Thomas Hobbs (Author) and David McDonald (Photographer)

Shocking Beauty by Thomas Hobbs

To paraphrase Hobbs:  “Bel'occhio ” is having a “beautiful eye” –  the ability to recognize and appreciate beauty.  It's a gift.  Not everyone received the bel'occhio gene.  Those of us who did are lucky. Those with the gene,  never take things like sunsets for granted and get excited over the first snowdrop.  We save wrapping paper because it is so beautiful, not just to save money and reuse it (well, maybe).  Being blessed with what amounts to an extra gene is like having a limitless credit card to go out and treat yourself to a wonderful life.  Don't let it expire.

"These books are fabulous!" - Theresa Bock (University City Garden Club Member)